The Commonwealth of Cymbals

Hometown: Westchester, NY
Major/Year: ILR, 2021
Instrument: Cymbals
Previously Known As: "SO FLY"

“Hi Mom! How are you?”
“Just calling to check in with you!”
Lifting the Chorus

“Aw thanks, that’s so sweet!”
“Doing well on your prelims?”
Eye… of… the… TIGERRRRR!!!!!!!

“I’m not failing yet!”
“Well, how is your social life?”
Three Short! Three Long?? SHORT!

“I made lots of friends
In the Big Red Marching Band!”
Screw BU is up!

“That’s wonderful, Cam!
It sounds like you’re having fun.”
Give me an “I”! “I”!

“Yup, I love it here;
College life is fantastic!”
One! Two! One Two Three-

“Okay I’ll let you
Go back to your studying.”

“Okay Mom! Love you!”
“Love you too Cam! See you soon!”
Emerald Eyes WOO!

Finally I can
Get back to cheering on the
Defense. LET’S GO RED!!!!!!!

Hometown: Queens, New York
Major/Year: Thaumaturgy, 2021
Instrument: Cymbals
Previously Known As: "Hoeless", "Wore It Better"
Hey. Hey you. What’re you lookin’ at? You tryna start something? The correct answer is no, you aren’t. You can’t mess with me. You can’t even BEGIN to mess with me. Oh, you want proof? Just look at my hair LOOK AT IT I SAID. You think that’s dyed? Huh? You do? Well you are DEAD. FKING. WRONG. That there is pure MAGIC. Like Tonks from Harry Potter, except more BADASS. I am a GLORIOUS UNICORN GIVEN HUMAN FORM, so don’t even try to... YEAH YOU BETTER RUN AWAY! COWER BEFORE ME, PUNY MORTALS! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Hometown: Queens, NY
Major/Year: Underwater Basket Weaving, 2021
Instrument: Cymbals
Previously Known As: "Jump On It!", "What's an RT?"
Alright it’s time for some football who’s excited IM EXCITED! GOOOOOOO REEEEEED (dammit)! Alright everyone let’s give a big cheer CHEER LOUDER DAMMIT! that’s more like it good job ROUGH EM UP ROUGH EM UP GO C.U.!

Ok cool the game is starting we’re off to a good start-

ok, never mind, we’re off to an ok start-

Well, we’re certainly off to a start of some sort… I guess… and there’s no way we can mess this up, right guys, so-

WHAT WAS THAT?! WHOM’ST’VE APPROVED THAT PLAY?!!!!!! I have half a mind to go down there and-

ALRIGHT, THAT’S IT. Time for an intervention. Hold my cymbals, I’m gonna show these fools how to play some football!

Hometown: Glastonbury, Connecticut
Major/Year: Materials Science Engineering,, 2021
Instrument: Cymbals
Previously Known As: "Daddy I've Been Bad", "With Every Ding Comes A Dong"
There was once a boy whose last name was Ding. Every day he would come to school only to be mocked for his last name.

The kids at school would say "Ding, what kind of name is that? What are you a clocktower?"

The boy continued to endure this abuse until one day he snapped. He climbed to the top of the nearest clocktower and jumped off, to the dismay of all of those watching. However, when he landed, no one could find where he had landed. Until one astute observer discovered the boy's outline traced out onto into the stone.

The reaction from the crowd ranged from shock to wonder. Some people yelled in disbelief. Others simply moved on with their lives, acting like the boy named Ding had never existed. And of all the reactions, one stood out the most. It was the voice of an elderly professor, who in his wonder at the magical event simply exclaimed:

"That's a-stone-ding"

Hometown: Malibu
Major/Year: Throwing, 2022
Instrument: Cymbals
Previously Known As: "Pen Pineapple Apple Pen"
What’s my story? Well, you might already know. But I never thought I would have joined the Big Red Drumline quite like this.

I didn’t grow up like the rest of you kids, I grew up doing something...different. Ever since I was five and I saw my first inanimate object, I have loved to throw things. I like to throw balls, sticks, shade, down, and everything else in between. I once threw an entire thing at a similar thing that was twice the first thing’s size. Wylddddd.

When I was 7 I heard the first person respond to my thing throwing. My best friend Lily said, “hey, maybe don’t throw that thing at me,” to which I responded with a quick throw of a tear down my face. This changed everything. I had to stop hurting the people I loved with my enthusiasm for tossing

I dyed my hair blonde, got blonder highlights, and felt the rush of my first performance. What I wanted, no, NEEDed, to throw was my VOICE! I picked up that microphone and made the best of both of my favorite activities. (Redemption arc?)

So why did I join drumline? I was afraid of who I am. But TODAY I am not afraid anymore. TODAY I will tell everyone the truth.

I am Hannah Montana y’all.

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
Major/Year: Sowing Confusion, 2022
Instrument: Cymbals
Previously Known As: "GroupMe Game On Fleek"
doot doot clarinoot