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  • Chinese buffet before the first and last Tuesday rehearsals.
  • Throwing broken sticks on top of Barton
  • NOT breaking things with broken sticks on top of Barton
  • Sticking broken sticks into the arts quad
  • Food after Tuesday night rehearsals, either Hot Truck, or Wings Over Ithaca
  • pissing off the band
  • leaning right while the rest of the band leans left (Pinball Wizard, Chimes/Evening Song)
  • anti-sociality, or more accurately, intra-sociality (aka homosectionality)
  • "Oh we are percussion ____ ___"
  • no aardvarking
  • acapella cadences
  • Trying to get Gaspar Cooley elected as drum major
  • Being Awesome
  • Throwing ice boulders off of the Crescent.
  • Wearing black instead of red (unless the band is wearing black, in which case we wear red)
  • Drowling (Drumline Bowling)
  • Unanimously electing Chair 63 as Drum Captain.
  • Asking drum major candidates to supply our captain with a baked good.
  • Big Booty tournament on the last bus ride of the season.


  • Well, there's the time drumline tackled the Princeton mascot and bruised the tiger's trachea. (The newspaper clipping is posted in the band room closet.) See definition of "tiger" under the Princetonian Dictionary.
  • At Columbia in 2004, Steve ("Fights Dirty") got punched by a drunk alum before Salerno forcibly took him off the bus.
  • As dictated by tradition, (and by "tradition," I mean it's happened twice), a percussion-sax happy hour was held in March 2006, where we watched movies...about (ahem) Pirates!...
  • In 2006, MTV called us up and wanted to know if we wanted to be part of a music video. No, really, we're just that good. You can see 6 of us playing snare (and dressed up as skeletons, no less) at the beginning of the video for My Chemical Romance's "Black Parade," which was broadcasted for the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards.
  • In the 2017 trip, freshman bell-player Bekah pulled a fire alarm within ten minutes of entering the Penn(SUCKS!) bandhouse, having mistaken it for a lightswitch (???). This moment was immortalized in Penn(SUCKS)'s show the next day, where they advised that "If it's Big and Red, it's probably a fire alarm, so you shouldn't pull it."


For all the latest drumline news, random emails, and flame wars, send our section leader Ana Suppe, Ryan Profilet an email and he'll add you to the drumline listserve: percussion-l@cornell.edu