Big Red Drumline

We are the only real skin-bangin', cymbal-crashin', overhand-bass-drum-beatin', bell-dingin', pit-bangin', world-class-drum-twirlin', poker-playin', pre-rehearsal-happy-hourin', self-stylin', band-tempo-leadin', Pinball-head-bangin', stick-flippin', hockey-playin', music-sheet-ignorin', rhythm-fakin', sign-makin', pep-band-boycottin', schnapps-swillin', Chinese-Buffetin', precision-marchin', stair-marchin', cadence-double-timin', Columbia-Band-outnumberin', drum-stick-burninatin', no-sandal-wearin', smash-brotherin', Gaspar-electin', push-up-contestin', mustard-yellow-hat-wearin', Hot-Truckin', wing-orderin', ninja-swarmin', crumpets-chargin', karaoke-singin', Yoohoo-swillin', volleyball-dominatin', pirate-appreciatin', fly-unzippin', keepin'-our-best-time-when-we've-been-drinkin' percussion section in the Ivy League!



Big Red Marching Band In Buffalo!

The Cornell Drumline (featuring the Big Red Marching Band) will be performing during pregame and halftime during a Buffalo Bills game on October 16th vs. the San Francisco 49ers!
This is the second consecutive time the band has been invited to play, and we expect another excellent performance! We will be performing our 80's show and our Shrek show.
The Bills are currently have 3 wins and 2 losses, while the 49ers are 1 and 4, and have not won since their first game of the season.